Ron Ranere: Liquid Light


It is the sort of project where everyone wants to participate. Ron Ranere is known to transform his photography studio in the center of Boston's Back Bay into a temporary artist workshop. He still brings in models. But, instead of clothing they come to wear light.

Joe Zane: Everything Is Coming Up Roses


It is difficult to find an artist more prolific than Joe Zane. In the last decade he has appeared in nearly fifty exhibits, two publications, and curated two shows. Already with three shows this year his most recent work comes this fall to Boston.

Liz Collins: Under Construction


On the tranquil waters of Boston's Fan Pier a construction zone is underway. Scaffolding stories over the Institute of Contemporary Art's glass-glazed windows and tiered seating indicates a renovation is about to begin. Yet there are no hard hats, work gloves or safety vests.

Resa Blatman: the Ultimate Whorl


While children played in the streets of her Long Island suburb, Resa Blatman was indoors. She spent hours wandering through the stacks of fabric in her father's upholstery workshop. Piled with a variety of patterns and colors, she recalls fondly this maze of curiosities - a childhood playground for her imagination. Surrounded by velvet couches and baroque upholstery, the artist has never lost this captivation.

Boston Fashion Week: Avni Trivedi


Designer Avni Trivedi is an expert in textiles. All of her designs use natural fabrics - handwoven cotton, bamboo, silk, and chiffon - made by local Indian artisans. Most recently she has taken her passion for South Asian handicraft and trademark organic dyes back to the call of nature.


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  • Opening Reception: Brian Zink

    When: January 6th

    Where: Howard Yezerski Gallery, 460 Harrison Avenue, Boston

  • Opening Reception: Tara Tucker

    When: January 6th

    Where: Steven Zevitas Gallery, 450 Harrison Ave #47, Boston

  • Opening Reception: Rough Shape

    When: January 6th

    Where: Samson, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston

  • Design Nearby: Command-P

    When: December 9th

    Where: Pinkcomma Gallery, 46 Waltham Street, Courtyard One, Boston